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green pixel Powerpoint Presentations
green pixel South Florida Ecosystem Restoration
Task Force Needs to Improve Science Coordination to Increase the Likelihood of Success (1.9 MB)
green pixel Federal Register - Notice of Intent (PDF 48 KB) or HTML
green pixel Section 905(b) (WRDA 86) Analysis (PDF 380 KB)
green pixel Coast 2050 Main Report and Appendices
green pixel Barrier Shoreline Scoping Report  (PDF 1.3 MB)
green pixel Subprovince Alternatives Report (PDF 2.82 MB)
green pixel Coast 2050 Revised Strategies (PDF 437 KB) 
green pixel Barrier Shoreline Feasibility Study
green pixel Louisiana Barrier Island Erosion Study 
Atlas of Shoreline Changes in Louisiana from 1853 - 1989
green pixel Wetland Creation Scoping Report (PDF1.9 MB)
green pixel October 2001 WaterMarks -Coast 2050 Feasibility Study
More reports are available in the LCA Digital Library

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